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Our rigorously selected student entrepreneurs are trained and mentored throughout the year to offer you an exceptional service and quality work at competitive prices.

It’s easy with Qualité Étudiants:
1. Book an appointment with your local entrepreneur directly on this website.
2. Next, you will receive a written and detailed quote that includes labor, materials and paint.
3. The work is done well in a timely fashion while respecting the agreed upon terms.
4. At the completion of the job, we ask for your feedback to ensure that you are entirely satisfied.


Your franchisees are students. What guarantee do I have that their work will be of a professional standard?
Who supervises the projects and who do I follow-up with upon the completion of the job?
What are the advantages of doing business with Qualité Étudiants?
Do I need procure an insurance to carry out the projects on my property?
Do franchisees comply with the safety standards?

Advantages :

Free and detailed quote
20 years of experience in residential services
Full quality insurance
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Booking a free quote

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