Trust in our 20 years of experience to restore your rusted wrought iron.

Wrought iron is mainly present in Montreal and its surroundings.  Several structures can be constructed in wrought iron notably staircases, railings and fences.
Due to its tendency to rust, wrought iron requires the application of oil rust proof paint.  The proper preparation of wrought iron is pretty straightforward, but very necessary in order to deliver a quality result.

The first step consists of removing loose paint and surface rust using a grinder and iron file. This step is the longest, but cannot be skipped.  After that, all prepared surfaces are covered with a rust proof red oxide primer followed by two coats of top quality rust proof paint.

The franchisor Qualité Étudiants was founded in 1994 by two young students who had and still have a passion to contribute to the entrepreneurial landscape in the province of Québec. Today, Qualité Étudiants is more than 50 franchisees, 300 seasonal jobs and 2 500 customers served yearly.


  • A detailed written and free quote;
  • Service offered everywhere in Quebec and in some parts of Ontario;
  • Client feedback follow-ups to ensure client satisfaction;
  • An extensive selection and training process for the window cleaning team members;
  • Liability ($2,000,000) and workers compensation insurance;

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